About Me

Hi and welcome to All About Apple

This is a simple and to the point site where I post tips and thoughts about all things Apple. I try to have a critical but fair look on what Apple does and also give you useful help along the way. What I write here is 100% my own opinions, thoughts and doesn’t represent Apple in any way.

This site is old in Internet time, i started it 8 years ago and it has gone through some changes during those years.

Always use your critical eye when reading things on the Internet. I tend to not sugar coat things, I say things as it is.

My main occupation is service technician on computers and devices.

I am a male in my thirties, have three kids and a wife. Living in Norway.

In my free time I am working on building my business that is about:

You are welcome to check the site above out if you want. Send it to people you know may need some royalty free electronic music.

If you want to contact me in private its: strukt and gmail. Figure it out yourself. 🙂

Hope you like what you read here and take care.