Hackintosh – Viable Long Term?

You may have heard about the Hackintosh community. A place where tech interested people come together to get their home built computer rigs running the latest and greatest operating system from Apple.

It certainly requires some know-how about computers and how they work, but it is a lot easier today compared to just a few years ago. Much with the help of sites like tonymacx86. Communities like this help each other out and can recommend what parts to buy like motherboards and graphic cards so you won’t have to do a lot of customization. They also have special tools that will help you to install OS X on your PC and get it configured with the right settings and drivers afterwards.

Is this even legal?

You have to have access to a real Mac to be able to create the bootable usb drive. That means you will have to have an Apple ID account and access to the app store to be able to download this.

I am not sure if this is 100% legal but if Apple wanted they could have beaten this community down to ashes a long time ago. To be honest, I don’t think Apple mind people doing this. If I worked at Apple maybe I would assume that someone running a hackintosh eventually goes out and purchase a genuine Mac. I think Apple knows that this community is mostly run by geeks and they probably dont want any bad PR.


I have built a few hackintoshes (is that a word, even?) and if you use hardware recommended by the community it generally works just fine. After a successful install you can’t just use it as a regular Mac. When updates to the OS are available you have to check the community first to see if you can install them without breaking anything. Just a simple security update could change the OS X build number which in turn could make the graphics driver stop working.

It is also wise to have a extra hard drive where you clone your boot drive. As a backup if anything breaks.

So using this long term, is that possible? Certainly, but you have to be ready to tinker a little bit. But if you like doing that? Go ahead! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hackintosh – Viable Long Term?”

  1. Most people buy a Mac (and spend the 40% price premium on hardware) to get a system that you just plug in, it works, and even with software updates it will mostly likely continue to “just work” for years to come. These are absolutely the wrong people to build, tweak, and continue tweaking a Hackintosh.

    If your reader is a hardware geek or understands BIOS and UEFI, kexts, and CLI, then a Hackintosh might be a fun toy for the reader to play with it. If those terms are meaningless to your reader, he or she should just go buy a real Mac.

  2. I agree with what you are saying. If you need a computer that just works its safer and easier to buy something that is already working. If you are willing to pay for it.


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