MacBook Pro 2018 “Throtthlegate” may be Blown Up?

Update: Apple Release Throttling Bug Fix

One thing for sure is that the last thing isn’t said about this MacBook Pro throtthlegate. Something I find interesting is that the testing tool (Intel Power Gadget) is removed from Intels website (as of this writing). Many youtubers use Intel Power Gadget to test the MacBook Pro. I am not sure why Intel removed it, but I suspect it could be that it doesn’t support the new CPUs correctly.

Still, the cooling solution in todays MacBooks are far from good in my opinion, but it is what it is. So to continue the discussion another known youtuber¬†Jonathan Morrison is doing his own extensive tests and shares it in a well researched video. Some of the things he talks about is that Premiere Pro isn’t really optimized yet.

In short, the i9 beats the i7 in the tests he does.

Here are some of the results he got with real life use:

Adobe Lightroom Classic

100MP (x50 RAW Photos) Import  Р1:1 Build Preview

MacBook Pro 15 – 6 Core i9 2.9GHz – 4M 21S <- Faster
MacBook Pro 15 – 6 Core i7 2.2GHz – 5M 21S

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

ARRI 4k Prores 422 HQ -> 4k H.264 Export (3M 44S Timeline)

MacBook Pro 15 – 6 Core i9 2.9GHz – 10M 36S <- Faster
MacBook Pro 15 – 6 Core i7 2.2GHz – 12M 30S

Final Cut Pro X

Red 5k RAW 13:1 -> 4k Prores 422 Export (5m timeline)

MacBook Pro 15 – 6 Core i9 2.9GHz – 9M 56S <- Faster
MacBook Pro 15 – 6 Core i7 2.2GHz – 12M 42S

The numbers above are just some of the results he got from extensive testing. Make sure to check out the entire video below and definitely subscribe to his youtube channel if you are interested in Apple related content. As you probably are if you are reading this.

In my opinion I would like a better cooling solution on these machines, I don’t mind it to be a little heavier if it mens that the performance can be sustained for a longer period of time. With that said I think Apple have their reasons for doing what they do, and its not always clear from the beginning. A lot of people like to hate on Apple and in some cases it is certainly justified, but I don’t think the last thing is said about this MacBook Pro throttlegate yet.

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