Why iPhoto / Mac Photos is Slow on A New Mac

Is the Apple Photos for Mac slow or iPhoto (for you older humans out there) slow? If you experience it being slow on a new Mac. There are some things you can do to fix it.

Seems like my site is popular for people that have slowdowns on their macs. Because I wrote this article: 14 Easy Ways To Speed Up a Painfully Slow Mac. You can check that out as well, but that is geared to more general-slowness (is that a word?) of Macs.

Photos for Mac Slow: Things you could do

If its a new mac you are setting up, just logged in, typed in your iCloud password and getting started? Well, then it could be that your mac is “secretly” (not really) but it could be that it is in the process of downloading photos and videos from iCloud to your mac. Depending on how you have decided to set it up.

It does this in the background when the computer thinks that you are not using it. Usually the computer is pretty smart, and can detect if you are doing stuff and backs off the photo update thing… But you may notice some slowdowns due to this anyway. Mostly, I just recommend people to leave their Mac plugged in to power, keep the photos app open. And let it to its thing during the night. In most cases depending on your internet connection, etc it should be done during a night. If not or if you are the 1 person that have maxed your icloud storage with RAW photos, just leave it going. But if you are that person, you should already know this.

Pause iCloud Photo Library Update

As I mentioned above, you can just leave your Mac plugged in, and let it do its thing. If you have more than one Apple device this process is making sure your photos and edits are accessible on all your different Apple devices. Like your iPhone, iPad, Mac etc. Then again, if for some reason you just want it to pause the update. Perhaps you are using a metered connection, or some other reason. Its just a matter of opening the Photos app. Then:

  • Choose Preferences from the menu
  • Click the iCloud tab
  • Click “Pause for one day”

iCloud will continue the process tomorrow. If you just cant wait, or regret pushing that button? Just press “Resume” and it will continue updating.

Clear duplicate photos

Maybe this is the time for organizing your photo library. If you want a software that can help you with that I recommend checking out: (Ad) Gemini. Its really good with helping cleaning out photo libraries. Its a paid software, but I have tried it and it works fine.

So thats all, hope this helps. Talk to you in the next post.

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