Install macOS on Older Unsupported Macs

With the free tool macOS Patcher from its possible to install a version of macOS that your Mac officially doesn’t support. This is a video that shows you the installation process on a white MacBook from 2010.

After install we test common use cases such as watching youtube, Netflix and surfing the internet. Lets find out how an almost ten year old computer holds up today shall we!


Install macOS Mojave on Older Macs

Apple have released macOS Mojave, and if you would like to install it on a unsupported system, check the tool below.

Obviously no warranty or support are given for this tool.

Install macOS Sierra on Older Macs

If you are sitting there with your old Mac feeling left out in the cold there is a way to shoehorn macOS Sierra onto your ageing computer.

Check out the macOS Sierra Patcher Tool for Unsupported Macs. And follow the instructions. This is of course not endorsed or supported by Apple in any way.

Is The White MacBook Still Useful?

I wrote this white macbook review a few years ago. I asked my wife what she thought about this computer.

She said: I like the size, it is small enough to take with me in our apartment. I also like the looks and the operating system: OS X. it is much easier to use compared to Windows, and the dock, dont forget the dock!


Ok she said: I cant see anything on the screen if i am outside in the sunshine and the DVD reader doesn’t work.

(The DVD player is a hardware issue, and we havent really bothered fixing it because we almost never use CDs or DVDs anyway.)

So I asked her again, anything else you dislike and want me to write? Her answer: No. Are you sure? yes!

What you get with this machine is not just some piece of good looking plastic hardware. You get a system that is tailor made to work seamlessly with the provided software. For me much of the value lies in just that.

White MacBook

She use her laptop for almost anything except gaming.

  • Image editing in iPhoto.
  • Websurfing.
  • Writing and taking notes.
  • Communication.
  • Updates her own blog.
  • Music & Youtube.
  • Planning our finances and more

And everything is done on the computer you see above. The tasks mentioned above isn’t really that demanding. Almost any computer today would handle those well.

You cant buy this computer anymore, Apple have discontinued it. The MacBook Air would be a better choice if you want to buy something new. Or you could buy it used.

Increase The Computers Lifespan

If you feel this computer is getting slow here are some tips that will do wonders for your computer. If you follow them it will feel like a new computer.

  • Max out your RAM
  • Buy an SSD!
  • Reinstall the newest OSX that works for your model. The latest OS X from Apple is free.