16 Inch MacBook Pro Review: I Am Returning It

This will probably be the last article I make about the 16 Inch MacBook Pro. Not because I dont like it, but because I am going to return it. I will get to those reasons later in this article. But first I want talk about my experience with this machine and what I think about it.

I am not a professional or seasoned reviewer so please have that In mind when you read this. Always do your research before you invest in something expensive, and make sure to get second, or third opinion before you do so.

So, on to it then!

I believe this is the computer Apple should have released in the first place when they released the USB-C only MacBook Pros. And why is that?

First of all this model is a little bit thicker than the previous one but not by much. By doing this Apple was able to put a bigger 100 watts-hour battery in there and improve the cooling performance of the computer. This was one of my biggest complaints about the previous generation. Apple actually listened and did something about it. This has shown that you can run sustained workloads without severe throttling. Although the fans will make some noise. I take performance first and fan noise Second.

A lot of people was sad when Apple discontinued the 17 Inch MacBook Pro, I think this 16 Inch is a really good compromise to those. Apple have been able increase the screen size by reducing the bezels around the display. While also keeping the laptops size a little bit bigger than the 15 inch, but not by much.

I assume almost everyone heard about the keyboard issues with the previous generation. But if you haven’t the 15 inch models had huge issues with sticky keys, double press when typing and all kinds of keyboard problems. When I worked my last year as an Apple service tech we replaced a lot of  top-cases. And it took a good amount of time doing so because you have to disassemble the entire machine to be able to replace the keyboard. 

On the new model they have gone back on the keyboard and use the older design that works. Typing on the keyboard is much more enjoyable now compared to the older 15 inch model. The key travel is better.

They have also done some changes to the touch bar. The escape key is now a real physical key. The power button / touch ID is also on its own and separated from the Touch Bar. The Touch Bar is still there but its a tad smaller. Perfectly fine for me.

As for ports, Apple is going for USB-C / Thunderbolt and one minijack. That means you will have to bring dongles with you.

The build quality of the 16 inch is just great. There are no flex, and you can open the display by using one hand without it tipping over the table. The trackpad is the best trackpad I have ever used on a laptop. I have a Dell laptop at work and using that trackpad is just, extremely annoying. You kind of understand where some of the premium apple tax goes.

The speakers is also upgraded and they sound fantastic as everyone has said. You just have to listen to them.

Hardware wise the SSD is fast with around 2700MB/s in read-write performance nothing to complain about there. As for internal components you can get a AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB gpu. 2.4Ghz 8 core i9 Intel CPU, 64GB of memory, and up to 8TB of super fast and expensve SSD storage. This was the configuration I reviewed.

I have been using Logic Pro X, and also Final Cut Pro. And everything is just smooth and works really well. In final cut, I can edit 4K H.265 video without having to transcode it. 

So if you are into the market of an Apple laptop now, I think the 16 Inch MacBook Pro is the best laptop you can get today. Apple have listened to their customers and done something about the feedback. This 16 inch improves on nearly every aspect of the 15 inch and thats great.

But its currently not for me

For me however, I am kind of reluctantly going to return it. I had plans to take this laptop with me when I travel so I can produce music at hotel rooms and places like that. When I am not working on my regular job. And although I still would like to do so, after some soul searching, I can’t justify the cost of almost $5000 dollars for this machine. Its not like Apple is providing this to me for free, I have to pay for everything from my own pocket. Also, when I am travelling and done for the day, my energy levels are low so I just lie down and watch Netflix or something anyway.

I can use other Tools to create melodies and ideas on the go. And finish them on my PC when I get back home.

Lastly I want to talk about an issues I have had with this computer. Playing audio from the internal speakers sometimes gives a loud pop or a click in the sound. Apple will certainly fix it, but the question Is when? This doesn’t happen if you use an external audio card, but since this is a laptop you expect to bring it with you. And it just shouldn’t have these sound issues. I am sure Apple are going to fix this issue, they just have to. The question is when. 

Other than that, things have been great and I highly recommend this laptop for people that are in the market for an Apple product and have the finances to do so. The 16-Inch MacBook Pro is an expensive piece of hardware but its the best MacBook pro Apple have made in my opinion.

If you want to get one yourself, there are sponsored links to Amazon below. I also have a link to a sleeve I bought for it as well.

Video review, and links

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Sleeve for the 16 Inch MacBook Pro I bought: https://amzn.to/2u4AQcB

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