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Using a Mac Mini Server is a nice way to set up your very own home web server. You can for example set up and host your own free wordpress blog or make a gallery of your photos and share them with the world. If you only want to run mysql on mac os x it is possible to do that as well.

Setting up a free WordPress blog or hosting a photo gallery is just some of the things you can do with your own web server. Many people tend to like the idea of hosting this themselves, and this page will try to explain what you need, and how to get everything working. The idea is that it is fun to do this, because if you just want to start blogging you can register yourself at for free and get going right away!

Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP = MAMP

No, you do not have to know what this means but this is the most easy way to get your own web server up and running. Head over to MAMP and download MAMP and install the package.

Now, open up the Applications folder, then the MAMP folder and double click on You will be greeted by a screen looking something like the one below. At the same time a browser window will open up and from there you can administer your new mac mini server.


Download WordPress Files

In the browser window that just appeared you would want to click on phpMyAdmin because we have to create a database for WordPress to use. We have to do this before we install wordpress. Create a database called wordpress, the database name doesn’t really matter. You can create the database from the first window that loads when you click the phpMyAdmin link.

Now we have to actually download the wordpress files. You can download them from here. When you unzip them you will have a folder called wordpress. You have to put that folder into the Applications/MAMP/htdocs/. The htdocs folder is the place where you put the files related to your website.

Install WordPress

What you need to do now is to enter this link into your browser: http://localhost:8888/wordpress/

You will be greeted with the installation script, this is pretty straight forward and you just follow it through to the end using the information below:

Database Name: wordpress

User Name: root

Password: root

Database Host: localhost

Table Prefix: wp_ (I usually leave it this way)

Blog Title: You decide 😉

Your E-mail: Pretty obvious?

Write down the password you get, it might be a good idea to change it to something you will remember more easily. There you go, your very own blog hosted on your mac mini server!

Change The Port!

Wait, as you might notice this home web server is now running at port 8888. If you want your blog accessible for others you need to change the port to 80. First you need to remove the port from the URL in the wordpress admin panel. Then click on the preferences button in the MAMP application, then click ports and click the button that says: “Set Web & MySQL ports to 80 & 3306”.

Change ports in mamp

If you want your blog accessible from the Internet you need to have a public IP address on your Mac Mini. Or you can forward port 80 from your router. This site might help you with just that.

5 thoughts on “Mac Mini Server – Host Your Own Blog”

  1. Great guide. Cannot get WordPress to run on 80 as I have a conflict with the web service already running on my server. Using 80 for WebDav.
    Any suggestions? Trying to create blog for family trip.

  2. Thanks 🙂

    Not sure if you can run those two on the same port (80).

    If you want your blog available from Internet you should have it on port 80. Unless you tell people what port to use.

    • Thanks. Have tried numerous ports but I am having problems reaching them from outside my network. Must be a port forwarding issue on my Airport or may service provider.

  3. Been running my own web sites on my computers for the past 11 years and for the last
    3 years or so, my sites been running on a Mac Mini with Mamp Pro with no problem.
    You need to shut down the internal built in Apache web server on you computer.
    then install Mamp and then change the ports to 80.

    • They work pretty good for small sites and blogs. It would be nice to get a new Mac mini soon with some more power under the hood.


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