Lockdown Apps: Open Source Privacy Protection for iOS

Lockdown is a simple on-device firewall for your iOS device. The app is free and open source. With this app you can block any domain from your iPhone. It can also be used to block ads inside games.

Whats more interesting is that lockdown apps is open source, meaning the developer invites people to audit the code.

This gives your iPhone pi-hole functionality on the device itself!

lockdown apps ios app

You can configure the blacklist to your liking. The app uses the built-in VPN functionality in iOS to set up blocking. Its basically a VPN server on your phone that doesn’t connect to any outside server.

When unwanted sites are blocked, it will also speed up and save loading times.


  • Block any connection to any website
  • Use default settings or add your own custom blockers
  • Protect your privacy across the web
  • Completely open source
  • Operates on device

Their site indicates that Mac, PC and Android versions is in the works and coming soon.

Grab it here: Lockdown Apps

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