iPad Pro 2018 may Come with A Slight Bend

If you notice a slight bend in your iPad Pro you should embrace it. The little bend adds to the character of the device and is an result of Apples highly advanced manufacturing process. According to Apple this slight bend is to be expected.

The company that prides on sleek design, lines / corners / edges in perfection and an unbox experience unlike any other. Expects you to accept imperfections straight from the box. After paying premium for this product.

2018 11-Inch Bent iPad Pro
2018 11-Inch Bent iPad Pro – Image Source: The Verge

As Steve Jobs said a few years ago: «We just don’t ship junk»

Apple doesn’t often comment, but they have said that this bend is normal and not a defect. The reason it bends is apparently a side effect of a (problematic?) manufacturing process.

That said, it seems like the people that have complained about this have mostly been able to get the device replaced. But how will Apple handle this in the years to come?

What if your iPad have another issue

Lets say your iPad suddenly starts to unexpectedly restart, and an restore with iTunes gives you an error message. You google a little and attempt a DFU restore without it helping. Your device still has its 1-year warranty and you bring it in to an Apple store to get the issue with unexpected restarts fixed.

What could happen then is that Apple takes out a ruler to measure the bend and then tells you the device is ineligible for repair due to accidental damage.

Do you think a slight bend in a design oriented and premium product like this is something you should accept? Would this possible affect other issues forcing you to pay for repair? Or is this blown out of proportions?

It would be nice by Apple to clarify this.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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