Finding MacBook Pro Specs and Other Apple Product Specs

There are several ways you can go to find the specs of your MacBook Pro. The easiest one is if you have the computer in front of you up and running.

Choose About This Mac from the Apple menu () in the upper-left corner of your screen. You will be presented with a window that shows you the specs of your computer such as Processor, Memory, Graphics, Serial Number.

You should also be able to find information about your computer on its original packaging, receipt, or invoice.

Another useful tool to find MacBook Pro specs with is Mactracker.

macbook pro specs in mactracker

Mactracker is available for MacOS and iOS. It has a huge database of every Apple Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, and iPad ever made. It contains information such as processor speed, memory, graphic cards and much more. This tool really have a lot of information and of no cost as well. Its absolutely free.

Why the need for MacBook Pro Specs?

Not everyone is interested in specifications, as long as the device works its fine. However its important to know about this because a MacBook Pro can come with different type of processor speeds, storage, memory and graphic cards. Do not get fooled and be sure that you are paying the correct sum and that you are getting the product as advertised!

If someone doesn’t want you to check out the specs, walk away!

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