2019 Mac Pro Reviews and Impressions from YouTubers

The long awaited Mac Pro is released and we are starting to get some reviews and impressions in. One of those is the iFixit Mac Pro teardown where they give it a repairability score of 9. Probably a first in any Apple product.

Source: Mac Pro 2019 Teardown

It looks like Apple is listening more to the feedback they are getting considering the changes in the new 16 Inch MacBook Pro as well. Such as better cooling making the computer able to run tasks without any severe throttling. Not to mention they replaced the keyboard with the older model that worked.

Its not enough to get me over to using Apple computers for music production yet mostly because of the costs associated with their products. But its still nice to see.

Here are some interesting videos, showing impressions about the new 2019 Mac Pro.

3 Weeks Later Review

2019 Mac Pro Review / Impression Videos


The price of the 2019 Mac Pro is not something an average person would be willing to spend on a computer. I am one of those that fall into that category. Yes, I do music production, yes, I do video editing. But not at the scale that justifies investing into this piece of gear. Then again, people buy rolex watches.

That said, I would like to try one out with a big Logic Project. Just for fun, and see what it can do. But I think we have to postpone that thought a few years or so!

What about you, are you getting this new cheese grater in your workflow?

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