Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch, The Best Windows Laptop

Building this website is done mostly by using the Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch. Apple knows how to build a high performing and durable laptop. It is expensive but you also get high quality components and hardware inside. Not to forget, OS X.

This also makes this a good laptop to run Windows on! The MacBook Pro occasionally “win” contests where they are trying to find the best Windows laptop. I also know that some people actually buy this computer to only run Windows on it. Because they want the Apple build quality and hardware. If you are going that route make sure you have a small partition for OSX. Maybe 10 – 15GB so you can download updates. Especially when Apple updates the firmware, it has to be done in OSX. You can set it to automatically boot to Windows by default anyway.

Unfortunately Apple decided to stop producing this laptop when they released the second refresh of the retina 15 Inch. If you want it you have to get a refurbished version somewhere or used.

Apples price on their hardware is usually in the premium segment and you can get another computer with better hardware specs cheaper. That is certainly true and you have to decide if you think it is worth paying more for this computer. Or you could consider financing your Mac. It will be more expensive but you can have it now.

Apple also had the 17 Inch MBP but decided to dump it when they released the retina model.

Useful Accessories For Your Mac

Some of you set an wallpaper as the first thing you do when you startup. However to personalize your computer even more you could get a physical wallpaper or decals in your nearest apple shop…

If you buy this computer I assume you travel a little bit? Then you should consider some cheap but really smart car charging solutions.

MacBook Pro Retina Vs Non-Retina

It is easier to suggest what to choose now when Apple discontinued their regular 15 Inch model.

The selling point of the MacBook Pro Retina is without doubt the display. The 2880-by-1800 resolution at 220 ppi makes everything razor sharp. You have to see the display yourself to believe it. I had this computer myself for a while and I really liked it even though it had some issues (they are solved now).

The huge drawback here is that the upgradeability is near zero. Want to upgrade more RAM in a few years? Nope! Want to upgrade the hard drive in a few years? Almost – Nope. (The SSD can be unscrewed though). DVD / CD Drive? Nope. But who use that today anyway?

Realize that you have to let go of some upgradeability if you decide to get the retina model. And thats the only one you get if you are going to buy a new computer.

It is smaller compared to the one above but the performance is really high. Video editing, image editing even some occasional gaming is no problem. Ultimately you have to decide if you are getting the apple macbook pro 15 inch or the macbook pro retina. They are both fine candidates.

Check out the MacBook Pro Retina Review if you want more in-depth information about that computer.

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