iPhone 7 Special Edition (PRODUCT RED)

iPhone 7 special edition (product red) was released by Apple today. If you buy a product in this category you support the fight against AIDS. A percentage of the profits goes to the global fund helping AIDS programs in Africa. The iPod nano was the first Apple product in the RED category and later on they introduced other products and accessories like headsets and cases.

Bono from U2 worked extensively with the late Apple founder Steve Jobs about these products and how the logo should be designed. Once in a while Apple also do some custom special products and auction them away. A one-of-a-kind red Mac Pro was one of those.

The special edition of iPhone 7 and plus is available in 128GB and 256GB configuration as their other counterparts. The price will also stay they same as the regular colors. Apart from the color there are no difference in performance or internals.

The timeframe in terms of shipping is end of march and it should be available worldwide.

iPhone 7 Leather Case – (PRODUCT)RED

If a new device is to much to bear for your wallet, and for most people it usually is. A new iPhone 7 Leather Case in a red color will still give something back to help fight AIDS.

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