How-To Get More Battery Time Out Of Your Apple Laptop Battery

If you want to get more battery time out of your macbook battery read this guide for some general guidelines and tips that will help you improve the battery life of your laptop.

First, read about: Learn Battery Care and how-to take care of your MacBook Battery and especially the section where it explains how to calibrate your battery. Calibrate your battery first, it is important if you haven’t done it already.

Notebooks today have many features which can drain the battery. Wireless networking, bluetooth, screen brightness, power hungry applications. You can disable some of these features easily if you do not need them, this way you will save precious battery juice!

Click the Battery Icon in the Menu Bar

Click the battery icon in the menu bar, you should now get information about applications or settings that use up power. Screen brightness is often one of them.

Turn off Wireless networking (Airport)

If you have no need for Internet access there is no reason to keep the wireless network active, this put a drain on the battery and will decrease the time you get to work with the computer. Click the Airport icon on the top menu-bar and chose turn off the Airport card.

Turn off Bluetooth

If you don’t use features like remote unlock via Apple Watch, bluetooth keyboard or mouse you can deactivate it to save a little more battery.

Decrease the screen brightness

You can also save a little battery time by decreasing the screen brightness. Turn it down until you feel comfortable with the brightness. For me, max brightness is almost too bright in some cases anyway.

Turn off keyboard backlight

You could turn this off. Just to get a few extra minutes. And learn where the keys are 🙂

Shut down applications not in use

Check the Dock and see if you have applications open that you do not use. This can in some cases cause the CPU to work more and thus requires more juice from the battery. You can identify open applications that have a black dot under the application icon.

Remove any CD or DVD

For older Macs the CD drive might spin up if you have a CD or DVD in it, a motor spinning will definitely drain the battery and therefore… take it out.

Energy Saving

Also check System Preferences if you have the most optimal energy saving features turned on.

All these small things adds up in the end, if you follow this guide you will probably notice some increase in battery time. This will depend on the condition of your battery, but if you get 15 or 30 minutes more work time it was all worth it, right?

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