The Mac Mini Computer – Cool Ways To Use It

Put Your Mac Mini Computer To Use
The Mac Mini computer is the cheapest desktop computer Apple offers to its customers. Depending on what type of use you have this can be the perfect computer for you.

If you didn’t know, when you buy this computer you only get the computer itself. You will have to buy a keyboard, mouse and display of your own choosing. This keeps the price tag lower (compared to Apple standards that is), and in my opinion it is nice to be able to choose the keyboard and mouse I want to use myself.

An Apple Mini Mac … Is It Slow?

Everything is relative but for its size the short answer is: no. If you want to dig deep in numbers you could always check out mac mini computer benchmarks from the guys making GeekBench. This will give you something to compare with against other Macs. The unit is practically noise-free. You wont get a headache having this in your room, that’s for sure. Also the computer is ridiculously small. Place it just about anywhere you want. It looks pretty darn nice too!

mac-mini-back-2011 mac-mini-front-2011-2

Light to medium computer work

For general home computing this will do nicely. You can play some games on it. Of course, do not expect to be able to run the latest and greatest graphic intensive games. But some of them can be run. This is the perfect computer if you just do some casual stuff. Like surfing the web, reading e-mail, editing some photos / video, listening to music. Even watch movies if you want. It will do all that and a bit more. Connect it to the TV via the HDMI port on the back for example, I have done so with mine.

You also get the Mac Mini with several BTO configurations, like bigger hard drive, more memory and even a little faster CPU if you are willing to pay for that.

Mac Mini Server

This computer is also great for some smaller server tasks. You can set it up as a Mac Mini server to host your own Blog. Store your iTunes library or even use the Server software from Apple to really do some interesting things. If you prefer using a linux diet here are instructions for ubuntu.

Mac Mini Computer HTPC

The Mac Mini computer can also be used as an mac mini mediacenter. It is not so hard to understand why, the computer is small so it is easy to place in your home. It makes practically no sound at all. We Mac OS X users also have the perfect free HTPC software to make all this work together. In 2010 Apple added HDMI ports to this computer, this makes it easy to hook it up to your TV.

“Unibody” Design

With the Mac Mini model introduced by Apple in 2010 it became easier to replace the RAM yourself. Even Apple themselves advertise this feature on their own webpage. The mini supports up to 8GB of RAM and you can replace it yourself if you like. Just remove the bottom cover  of your mac mini computer and you get access to the memory slots.


The power supply is built-in now, you only need a small power cable. No need for a big power brick laying on the floor anymore. Apple have removed the DVD drive, a good move if you ask me. How often do you use that drive anyway? Only with OS install and that can be done using a USB stick. It also now comes with fusion drive as an option.

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