2018 MacBook Pro Allegedly Thermal Throttle Bad

Update: Apple Release Throttling Bug Fix

Reports are coming in that the new MacBook Pro released in 2018 suffers from some bad thermal throttling. Especially the model with the upgraded i9 CPU. If this is a design flaw, an actual problem with the unit is yet to be uncovered.

We can hope, that this is just an error and will be fixed by repairing or replacing the product. With Apples history of engineering their products right within the CPUs maximum junction temperature I don’t think this is the case. I think the device in the video below is working within spec. We are just using it wrong.

Apple have put a beast of a CPU in this device, but this YouTuber claims that Apple wastes all that CPUs potential because of the limited cooling the 2018 MacBook Pro has. Mostly due to their thin form-factor. You can’t engineer away the laws of physics.

If you put the Mac in a freezer so it keeps cold, the full performance and potential unlocks.

A new article from Appleinsider – Thermal conditions in the 2018 i9 MacBook Pro dramatically hampering performance also confirms this issue, where they get similar results.

What do you think, is this thermal throttling computer a good choice for professional use? Is it acceptable to pay a lot of money and not get the performance you paid for? Maybe this is just an error and Apple will fix it? (I don’t think so).

A lot of people have cancelled their orders. I wouldn’t recommend this laptop if these issues don’t get fixed.

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