Ninite for Mac, Install Multiple Mac Apps at Once

When you have a new system to set up there are always some applications you want to get installed and set up. Maybe you use another web browser, need dropbox, OpenOffice, Skype or other applications.

Windows users have a free service called ninite, but is it available for Mac users? Not exactly, but you have something called: Get Mac Apps. The point of this is to click the apps you want to install and it will automatically get the newest version of all apps you want and give it to you in one convenient download.

Of course you could go to each website and download it, but this way you dont have to visit each website and download one app at a time.

Consider Setapp: The “netflix” of Apps.

Also take a look at SetApp: Best Apps for Mac, Yours to Explore. It is a subscription service that gives you access to a lot of great Mac apps and its free to try out. The link to setapp is a sponsored (affiliate link). See below for an example of apps you get. iStat Menus and Bartender is nice. And that is just a small portion of whats available.


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