Annoying Mac Battery? Try Resetting, Calibrating

Having problems with your Mac Battery?

You know, you have to take care of your MacBook battery, you know that, right? You got to this page somehow and I assume you have some kind of problem with it. This page will try to help you out and tell you how to do a Mac laptop battery reset.

It all depends on what type of problem you have. Earlier it could help if you calibrated your battery, but nowadays with newer Macs that shouldn’t be necessary. With that said, it doesn’t hurt to try. If you have a problem the instructions below could still help you out.

Internal MacBook Battery

Calibrate Using These Instructions:

With a little battery care you can maximize the performance and life of your mac battery. Most of the notebook batteries today are lithium-based which provides the best performance for your device. We see this technology in many products today. Everything from cameras, smartphones, tablets, cars and of course Apple laptops. Compared to nickel – based batteries lithium gives us longer battery life in a lighter package.

First charge:

You will probably notice that your product comes with a little charge in the battery already. Earlier it was said that the first time you use a product you have to fully charge it. This is not the case anymore. Modern batteries actually like being half-charged charged in a spotty way. It is not recommended to keep the device plugged in constantly, lithium batteries like to be drained a bit and charged again. If you use your laptop mainly as a desktop computer it is recommended to discharge and recharge the battery at least once a month. This way you keep the battery in shape even if you seldom move your computer.

Long term storage

If you are planning to take a six or seven month trip around the world and in the same time leave your MacBook at home. It is recommended to store the battery with about 50% charge. If you store the battery fully discharged it could enter a state where it wont charge at all anymore. Also if you store the battery fully charged it could experience a loss of capacity over time. Leaving you with a shorter battery life. Remember, battery care is important to keep it in shape!

Calibrating the Mac battery (MacBook Battery Reset)

If you are experiencing a loss in charge or just feel the battery should perform better you can try to calibrate the battery. It is quite easy to do this MacBook Battery Reset but it takes a little time. What you need to do is the following:

  1. Plug in the power adapter and fully charge the laptop until the battery is at 100%
  2. Keep the power adapter plugged in for about two hours, you can still use the computer during this.
  3. Unplug the power adapter and keep using the computer until the computer enters sleep mode. Remember to save important work before the battery runs out!
  4. Turn the computer off, or let it rest for five hours or more.
  5. Connect the power adapter again, let it fully charge without interruption.

Now hopefully you may experience your battery performing better or lasting longer because of your battery care. Results may also depend on how old the battery is and how much it is used. You may have to do this calibration several times. (3 – 5).

If the battery is deformed there is not much you can do software wise. You need to get the battery replaced. It is EXTREMELY important that you dont try to fix it yourself or puncture it. It could explode if you do that.

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