The Discontinued MacBook Pro 17 Inch

MacBook Pro 17 Inch, With Retina?

When Apple released the 15 Inch ”Retina” MBP in june 2012 they stopped producing the MacBook Pro 17 Inch. Meaning it is no longer available to get it directly from the Apple Store. If you really want it you can still get it from the refurbished store and surely other places like eBay etc.

The 17 inch was for you wanting access to a portable Mac with a big display (1920×1200) with mostly the same internal configuration as the 15 Inch. The latest model released came with an core i7 CPU from Intel.

The main difference was one extra usb port on the 17 Inch making it a total of three and it also featured the ExpressCard/34 slot instead of an built-in SD slot. (if you miss the expresscard slot there are thunderbolt adapters available now)

A lot of people buying this computer used it for music production or video editing.

With the built in battery Apple claimed up to 7 hours with one charge. In tests I have read they actually came up with around 7 hours and in some cases a bit above.

Because of the built-in battery they didn’t need to include space-consuming mechanisms, brackets and housings that standard removable batteries need. This is also some of the reasons they got this long battery time in the first place. Making the battery internal they could have more room for the actual battery pack, thus longer battery time. 7 Hours on a 17 inch laptop.

For me, the MacBook Pro 17 Inch was too large to consider buying. Now, the bigger display real-estate is dwarfed by the retina models from Apple.

Still, the actual physical display size is smaller on the 15″ rMBP. Who would like an 17 Inch rMBP..? With 4k res perhaps? Do you?

Yes please.

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