Preparing for macOS High Sierra Update

Apple will soon release their new version of macOS called High Sierra. This update will mostly focus on under the hood improvements and new / updated technologies.

The most interesting features in this update in my opinion is support for external GPUs and the new filesystem.

Although the update process through App Store is pretty much straight forward it is wise to make some preparations beforehand. Here I list some articles that will help clean up, and make your current system ready for the high Sierra update.

1. Backup your data

You didn’t see this one coming?

Plug in an external drive to your Mac and answer yes to the question if Time Machine can use this drive as a backup drive. Then let it sit for a while. Depending on how much data you have it can take several hours. Let it sit overnight if you have to. If you are impatient try this: Time Machine Slow? Speed it up With This Terminal Hack!

2. Clean your system

A clean system is a system that often runs well. Take care of it and clean out old stuff. Remove software and applications you dont need anymore. Check out: 9 Ways To Free Up Space And Clean Macs.

3. Try Clean My Mac

macOS High Sierra: Getting ready in 3 steps

4. Solve problems before updating

If you suspect your device is having some issues I recommend to check out Slow Mac Performance? 12 Great Tips! and 5 Ways to Fix MacBook Overheating.

Doing some of the steps above should prepare your computer for macOS High Sierra. Good luck!

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