StarCraft Remastered Coming to a Mac near You

starcraft remastered

At last the long wait is over, StarCraft Remastered is going to be released august 14 2017. Blizzard have polished and updated the original game for modern computers and graphics. Enabling support for 4K UHD and modern operating systems including the Mac.

Check out this video:

StarCraft Remastered Features:

  • Buildings, units and environment visual upgrades.
  • Updated audio / music.
  • Higher resolutions.
  • Core gameplay true to the original and not changed.

The game is available 14 august 2017 and you can check out more on Blizzards website: StarCraft Remastered.

This game was a big part of my youth and one of the games I loved playing with my friends during our LAN sessions on the weekends. Apparently a lot of Mac users are searching for ways to get this game working on their Macs. Soon that will be possible and with updated music, graphics as well. Now we wait.

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