Mac Buyers Guide, Choosing The Right Mac For You

Ok so you decided you wanted to buy a new Mac. Somehow you got to this mac buyers guide. Maybe someone gave you a link or perhaps you managed to google something and found this!

Well great and good for you!

I have had this guide online for a few years but people doesn’t really read it. It had a list of all Apple products with pros and cons but that don’t really matter because I think you are already pretty sure of what you want. You just want someone to confirm what you have decided.

All Apple computers today are able to do most basic tasks people need to do!

Things like sending e-mails, surfing the web, listening to music, writing.. thats no problem for any Mac. Even a fairly modern phone are able to do these tasks for you.

If you don’t create things maybe even an iPad is enough for you. You don’t need a computer to use it or set it up. Just an Internet connection.

All – In – One (Everything you need) – iMac

The Mac mini is out of date so I wouldn’t buy it and the Mac Pro is for professionals and professionals don’t read guides like this, they already know what they want. The iMac is a very good all round computer and it can run most of the things you throw at it.

The iMac is a complete computer ready to go. It has a built in high quality display, you get the aluminum wireless keyboard and a mouse in the package. The iMac also have several models for you to choose from, this way you can select the one model that fits your budget.

The computing horsepower is also higher and this means you can do more productive work in a fast environment, even with the cheapest model. The CPU in the iMacs are desktop CPUs and not mobile. With the iMac you also get faster graphics card and thus the gaming performance is higher.

Even if you have no interest in games it is a good way to measure a computers performance. Because it test the performance of the CPU and the Graphics card at the same time. iMac is good for you that don’t have to move your computer, but only have it standing on a desk. It looks good too so it will please your design-aware wife.

Mac Laptops

The laptops Apple make are extremely popular. They come in different sizes and price ranges. The laptops are the following: MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro 13 Inch, 15 Inch is Discontinued

The 13 Inch MacBook Pro is the top #1 selling laptop from Apple. I know a lot of schools and students use this one. It has a durable aluminum enclosure and the performance is good for its size. This is a good all-round machine and its affordable.

The 15 Inch MacBook Pro has an discrete graphics card where the 13 Inch has a built in. The most notable difference between these two are graphics performance. And the 15 Inch have a CPU with more cores. Apple have stopped making the 15 Inch and replaced it with the retina model instead. If you want this one you will have to check the refurbished store or some other place like ebay.

MacBook Pro Retina 15 and 13 Inch

If you want the best display ever seen in a laptop you should go for the retina version. The 2880×1800 display on the 15 Inch is simply stunning.

Due to the rMBPs small form factor it is impossible to upgrade anything later on. If you decide to buy it make sure you configure it the way you want right away.

It also lacks a DVD drive. If you want that you could go for the non-retina version or buy an external dvd drive.

MacBook Air

If you value portability and battery life this mac buyers guide recommends the MacBook Air. It is also one of the worlds thinnest laptops. To get to this Apple had to make some compromises regarding speed, ports, cd-rom, hard drive size and so on.

This is the computer for you that have size as a criteria, its really thin! You won’t believe it before you see it.

Apple claims over 12 hours of battery life on this unit but some tests have shown even longer sessions.

When To Buy Your New Mac

MacRumors: Mac Buyers Guide is a great site that lists all Macs from Apple and how long they are in their product cycle. This list give you an indication of how long it was since the Mac you are thinking of buying was updated.

With that said, in the computer world things move fast and if you need a computer now, buy it now.


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