Download Original iCloud Video File to PC in Full Quality

Oh man this annoyed me so much. I filmed something on my iPhone and somehow my PC wouldnt transfer the file from my iPhone with a good lightning cable connected to the PC.

So, I thought just lets use iCloud instead! Yep, file is there, press download.

It downloads, and the file in a lesser quality. 720p. *sigh*

Want the original full resolution file? Click that little arrow… and you get the option of downloading the original file.

iCloud Download Button

(click around where the red dot is, you should get another arrow there)

2 thoughts on “Download Original iCloud Video File to PC in Full Quality”

  1. That does not work. I have changed the setting to download unmodified and it still downloads at 720 vs 4k. Hell I would be ok with 1080.

  2. Same problem here. I found a way round by selecting save to Google Drive on my iPhone, then I downloaded the file on my PC from the Chrome / Google Drive App. Note that Google said it was ‘processing’ the video (I assume that means compress) but I think I downloaded it before this was completed and the video is 1080P/60FPS as I recorded rather than the 720P heavily compressed version I downloaded via iCloud.


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