Burn ISO Images With Built-In Burn Mac Software

You can easily burn ISO images with Mac OS X. ISO images are a common standard for distributing large software packages. Linux distributions is often delivered in this format over the Internet. An ISO image often contains the complete contents of a CD or a DVD in a single file. When you tell the burning software to burn that ISO file you are basically telling it to reconstruct the CD or DVD from the specifications in the particular ISO file.

In Mac OS X we have something called Disk Utility and this application amongst many other things can help you burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD.

Do the following:

1. Insert a blank CD or DVD

2. Start Disk Utility

Disk utility

3. Find the ISO file and drag it into the left window pane, or from the file menu choose Open Disk Image and select the ISO file.
In the list of your hard-drives (volumes) you should now see your ISO file. Select the file and then press the Burn button.

Thats all, usually I cancel the verification process but you can let it run if this is the first time you are burning a CD or DVD. Just to check if everything went right.

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