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Let us find Mac Backup Software but remember that a Mac is just like a regular PC in so many ways. It has a hard drive, a motherboard, memory, CPU and so on. Many of these components are not just used in a Mac, but also regular PCs.

For instance the hard drive in your Mac is just a regular standard notebook hard drive found in other PCs as well. Just because this hard drive is in your Mac it doesn’t mean it will never fail. All hard drives can fail, even the ones in a Mac so you need to take some precautions.

If you have a fairly new Mac with SSDs it is in my opinion even more important to have a backup routine. If a regular hard drive fails there is a chance of getting the files back. If an SSD fails it is much more difficult.

Imagine all your family photos or videos wiped, just like that. Years of memories gone forever. With no other place to get them back. Would that make you sad? I guess so … deep inside you know it is important to take backup of your data but you haven’t done so yet.

Do it, NOW!

You will regret it later, I can tell you from my own experience. When I was younger I made some music on a hobby basis, I still do but not as much now… All was well and I actually was able to create some tracks people liked. As years went by I was careful not to delete the original project files, but one time … Yes, they where gone, just like that. And I didn’t have any backup. Imagine how annoyed and sad I was, this was actually many hours of work, gone. I still had the finished MP3 music files, but not the project files so I could not go back and edit and change the music if I wanted.

Even after this disaster I was pretty lazy with my backup routine, maybe I burned a DVD once a year or so, not nearly enough to keep up to date I might add…

In Mac OS X Leopard Time Machine was introduced, and this was made to solve the problems I have mentioned above. The laziness problem. You go out and buy an external drive for your computer, plug it in and tell your Mac to use this as your backup disk. Time Machine then starts the initial copy to the drive. The initial copy will take some time the first time. Then it backups your changes every hour. This is faster.

Some argue backing up every hour is too frequent, you can not easily change this yourself but if you use the free software TimeMachineEditor the backup frequency can be changed easily.

So please, make sure you backup your files using Mac Backup Software, you do not know how much your files are worth until you’ve lost them forever.

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