Problem Ejecting Your Macs DVD or CD?

Get that stuck DVD CD out
Some are struggling with the fact that they have a CD that refuses to eject itself when you press the eject-button. This can be rather annoying, but fortunately it is often easy to solve. Here are some tips for you if your mac cd won’t eject.

(Note: Step 5 only works on computers that do not have Intel processors. If you have an Intel machine, and do not get the CD out after trying the steps 1-4 I recommend that you contact Apple Support.)

1. If the CD dosent come out, close all applications and try again. It may be some application you have open, it might use the CD even if you are not aware of this.

2. If this does not help, open the terminal and type the following: drutil eject and this will hopefully eject the CD.

3. If this don’t solve it, open Disk Utility. And select the CD, then press “Eject”. (In some cases, the CD does not appear in disk utility. If so, proceed to step 4)

4. CD still stuck? OK… reboot the machine, and during startup, press and hold the mouse button. (If you use the Mighty Mouse, or other multi-button mouse, it is the left mouse button that has to be held down.) After a few seconds, this should eject your CD.

If none of these tips work you probably need to call Apple Support.

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